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Spectrum Occupancy

Continuous (24/7) spectrum sensing is performed from 9 kHz to 1030 MHz at the CCRM facility site (Ophain). HF band (0-30MHz) is covered with a resolution of 305 Hz, VHF-UHF band (30-1030 MHz) with a resolution of 2.5 kHz, and finaly the Aeronautical VHF band (118-137 MHz) with a resolution of 625 Hz. More than 10GB of data are collected each day and stored for analysis.


The electromagnetic spectrum from 30MHz to 1GHz

Have you ever wondered to see how the radio spectrum looked like ?

The following graph displays 24 hrs of spectrum sensing from 30 MHz to 1 GHz as seen by C.C.R.M.  Colors refers to signal's level and radio services are displayed together with frequencies.