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Meeting your needs

In addition to normal radio monitoring activities, C.C.R.M. can provide several radio-related services depending on your needs.

The CCRM's Radio Monitoring Toolkit Platform
Coverage measurements are performed to check radio coverage of transmitters
Spectrum Occupancy
Spectrum occupancy is one of the most important tool to help in spectrum management.
Antenna Radiation Pattern
C.C.R.M.'s Open Area Test Site (OATS) is best suited for antenna pattern measurements.
Radio Coverage Prediction
This powerful tool based on J. Deygout and Y. Okumura 's works, developped at C.C.R.M., is used to calculate radio coverage of a transmitter.
VHF Propagation Survey
C.C.R.M.'s realt-time VHF Tropospheric Propagation Survey on aeronautical bands is an important tool to prevent from possible harmfull interferences.