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On Site Monitoring

A central point in Belgium and Europe

With its 60m high mast at the center of Belgium and Europe, C.C.R.M.'s on-site facility  is an ideal choice for radio-monitoring.

Monitoring tasks are divided within the HF and V/UHF bands due to specific antenna and propagation considerations. Transmitters identifications are coupled with specific mesurements (frequency, bandwith, modulation, ...) in order to check their conformal work with I.T.U. specifications. In the case of malfunction or jamming, C.C.R.M. refers to its members, national (I.B.P.T.) or international (I.T.U.) authorities.

Attention is always paid to aeronautical, maritime and land security ! As the radio spectrum must be correctly use, one must never forget that radio communications are also vital and critical for several services (aeronautical beacons, emergency frequencies, government agencies,...). Our role is to prevent those services from being perturbed. As an example, aeronautical beacons (NDB, ILS, Volmet) over Belgium are measured once a day to prevent malfunction or jamming.



Station 1

A working desk